Dispute Resolution

We advise our Swiss and international clients in relation to civil, administrative and criminal disputes, more particularly in the commercial, banking and finance fields. We assist our clients before Swiss state jurisdictions and arbitral tribunals, as well as in relation to bankruptcy and debt enforcement proceedings. We acquired extensive knowledge and experience in relation to complex cross-border disputes.

We assist our clients throughout disputes and litigations, from the preliminary analysis of risk and chances of success of upcoming proceedings and the drafting of formal letters to the opposing party, as well as in relation to contact and negotiation with insurers and throughout court or arbitral proceedings, up to execution of judgements and awards. We also assist our clients in possible extra-judiciary settlement discussions to the extent this is in the interest of our clients.

Our practice particularly includes:

  • Risk analysis and analysis of chances of success of potential proceedings
  • Pre-contentious correspondence
  • Filing of requests for interim measures
  • Management of civil, criminal and administrative proceedings before all jurisdictions
  • Management of arbitral proceedings
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgements and awards
  • Negotiations and drafting of extra-judiciary settlement agreements
  • Management of civil liability insurance claims related to judicial or arbitral proceedings
  • Internal investigations

Contacts: Rocco RondiIsabelle Salomé Daïna