Real Estate Law

Our firm has a strong real estate practice, covering both public and private law aspects of any property -related project.

With offices in both cantons of Vaud and Geneva, we offer our clients our know-how of all cantonal specificities.

Our Real Estate public law expertise includes all legal and technical aspects related to land-use management, planning, construction law, acquisition of property by foreigners, environment and expropriation.

Our Real Estate private law practice extends to many fields such as conveyancing (sale & purchase of property), co-ownership law (e.g. condominiums), tenancy law, property rights (e.g. easements, rights of way, superficies agreements), neighbourhood rights, architect agreements and contracts for work and services. Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to mobilise important resources on short notice in order to assist our clients throughout important transactions. Beyond advising clients negotiating contracts themselves (whether sales, tenancy, architect or other work and services agreements), our sound experience in property transactions enables us to provide them with a more general risk assessment of their project, including by carrying out a due diligence on their behalf.

We regularly assist our clients in both public and private law disputes, representing them before administrative authorities and courts, as well as before civil jurisdictions.

Our practice in particular includes:

Public law:

  • Land-use management/planning: sectoral master plans, land-use plans, public financing
  • Construction authorisation procedures
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Planning and authorisation procedures in the fields of protection of waters, waste management, sand & gravel quarries, etc.
  • Expropriation and public pre-emption

Private law:

  • Work and services contracts (drafting, negotiation, dispute)
  • Architect agreements (drafting, negotiation, dispute)
  • Property sale & purchase agreements (drafting, review, due diligence)
  • Construction disputes (material or workmanship defects, delivery delays, etc.)
  • Co-ownership (condominiums)
  • Legal mortgages
  • Leases: ordinary tenancy, usufructuary leases, agricultural leases, etc. (drafting, negotiating, dispute)

Contacts: Nicolas WisardIsabelle Salomé Daïna