Inheritance / Estate Planning

We offer our clients customised solutions in order to ensure transmission of heritage in the best conditions, in accordance with clients’ specific needs and wishes. Estate planning is carried by our lawyers specialised in the field, who work in close partnership with notaries, tax advisers and foreign correspondents.

We advise you in particular on the drafting of your last wishes (holographic will or will by public deed, draft contracts of succession or other instruments constituting a Foundation) or for setting up inter vivos transactions deploying their effects before death (donations, advances against a person’s inheritance, civil partnership or cohabitation agreements). We also act as estate administrators and are also appointed in such an official capacity by the authorities.

We also advise our clients in the context of disputes arising on succession, whether for example to dispute the provision of a will, assert the rights of prejudiced heirs, recover assets from third parties or split the assets of an estate. In the first instance and as much as possible, we favour a negotiated approach aiming at reaching an amicable settlement of the dispute. If necessary, we file a judicial claim and assert rights of our clients using procedural means and acting on their behalf before courts or arbitration tribunals.


Contact: Guillaume Fatio, Lorraine Ruf