Employment Law

We advise Swiss companies belonging to international groups, but also qualified employees and officers, for a wide range of issues related to employment law.

We have also developed a large practice regarding collective dismissals through several procedures that were recently conducted.

On a judicial basis, we regularly represent employers and employees before labour courts, but we are also specialized in the area of collective disputes. Our activities in this respect cover private and public employment law.

Finally, we advise our clients in relation to social security issues directly related to employment relationships.

Our practice includes in particular the following elements:

  • Negotiation and conclusion of employment agreements
  • Termination of employment agreements (ordinary, for cause, economic, etc.)
  • Drafting and negotiation of settlement agreements
  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Option and bonus plans
  • Collective dismissals
  • Contacts with authorities and unions
  • Labour law procedures
  • Collective dispute procedures
  • Advice regarding social security issues, in particular in cross-border matters
  • Data protection

Contact: Manuel Isler